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Death Threats and Such...

Life is not always easy when you're one of five children. Nobody knows you better than the siblings with whom you share two bedrooms. Which means there is no one else on the planet who knows just how to push your buttons. And, if I'm being perfectly honest, there's no better button-pusher than a big brother. Just ask my sister-in-law. She's still traumatized by all the ways PJ tortured her growing up. ;) (Although, now that I think of it, I'm fully grown and my sister still tortures me.)

Charlotte is unreasonably fearful. She's afraid of the dark and she's afraid of being alone anywhere in the house. In our family, we are all well aware of this. The other night, I decided to relax in the tub. Which means I locked the door to the bathroom that leads into my bedroom. Patrick being that big brother who loves to tease, decided to lock the door into the boys' room. Which meant that everyone was in the bedrooms and Charlotte had no way to get down there. She was out in the hall by herself. Surprisingly, she didn't completely freak out (which has been known to happen). Instead, she went into a quiet rage and penned a letter. And it may actually be one of the best pieces of writing I've stumbled upon in my house.

Now, my darling 6 year old has some spelling skills to work on, but the composition is solid.
For those of you needing a little inventive spelling translation:

"Dear Patrick Minihane (first and last name - how formal!)
I hate you so much. I will kill you with my best strength."

Mind you, I never knew about this incident at all. They must've worked it out pretty quickly, because it didn't even come up until I found the letter on the floor the next day. We've since had a discussion about not being mean to our little sisters and how we don't write threatening letters to our big brothers. (Because, come on now, we shouldn't leave that kind of evidence just lying around.) 

I am really curious, though:

What does Charlotte's "best stranth" actually entail? We've been paying for karate for a long time - Patrick should probably be worried.



IT Guy said...

Charlie is a tough cookie! Patrick had best be worried...

Lissie M said...

That's what I say!