You made it! Here it is... the blog where you get to sit back and laugh at - or be completely horrified by - life with 5 kids, 2 parents, some frogs, a cat & a rabbit (and those are just the creatures we know about).

About Me

I'm the crazy lady who had 5 kids in less than 7 years. Patrick is 13, Lucy is 12, Sophie is 10, Sean is 8 and Charlotte is 6. I'm often amazed when people ask me if they're all mine - they look like clones of each other. To add insult to injury, we also have a cat, some frogs and a rabbit. In other words, the place is nuts. Please bring $0.25 for admission. An extra $0.25 if you want to pet or feed the children animals.

When I'm not wrangling my 87 5 children into shoes, clothes or the car, I'm at my other job. I'm a full-time science teacher in an elementary school. This almost makes it possible to keep all of these kids in things like private school (and clothes and food).

In addition to my teaching job, I have a hobby in cake making. Friends and family sometimes hire me to make cakes for birthday parties and other celebrations. I almost always decorate these cakes in the middle of the night to avoid "help" from my children.

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**And if you want to check out some of my cakes, you can find me over at my other blog: The Cake Beast.