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Tuesday's Tip (#2)

Here's a tip for you:

Bathing suit bottoms make excellent underwear substitutes.

I've lamented about my laundry issues and lack of socks on numerous occasions. I just can't keep up with the laundry for 7 people. Many a night, you will find me running around like a mad woman making sure everyone has what they need for the next day - school uniforms, socks, underwear, etc. Unfortunately, I sometimes spend so much time worrying about everyone else, that I forget to take care of myself. One morning, as I was getting ready for work, I realized that I didn't have any clean underwear. Not even the ugly granny panties that are still in the back of the drawer from some pregnancy or another. Not only that, but I was wearing a skirt to work. So there I stood, in front of my bare drawer, and realized that I had two choices: go commando under a skirt (can anyone say Britney?) or wear the black bathing suit bottoms from my tankini. There really was only one option. In all actuality, they were quite comfortable. 

So there you have it. When laundry quandaries abound, throw on a bathing suit and get on with your day.

Have a tip to share? Or maybe a shameful confession about going commando? Feel free to leave a comment below...

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Anne Kimball said...

OK, that's hilarious. Wouldn't work for me, though, as I haven't been able to pull off a 2 piece in a lonngggg while. Kudos to you!

Also? I have a laundry tip for you: wash each person's laundry separately. Makes a world of difference whn it comes to the actual hard part, which is sorting and folding and putting away. Each person should have their own hamper, and they can be responsible for putting their dirty clothes in it. My kids each have one in their closet, plus one downstairs in the coat room as well as one upstairs in the laundry room (for the common area ones I used cute little cloth-type bins on a rack from Target). Anyway, depending on their age, they can gather their laundry for you on "their" day (each person on a seperate day), or throw it in the wash. You fold it out of the dryer. No sorting. Goes straight to that kid's room when done. I'm telling you, this tip saved my life. I have 6 kids and laundry is really no longer an issue.

Lissie said...

Believe me, Anne, that suit hasn't been worn (except under my clothes) in a very long time!

I love your laundry suggestion. I'm going to try that out this week! I'll let you know how it goes... You may have just solved my laundry issues. Now where will I get my blog material??

Anne Kimball said...

Good morning! You have been nominated for the Liebster Award!

Don't let it go to your head....