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On Sisters and Facebook Pranks...

Last Tuesday, I was doing my usual and teaching a first grade class. While I was teaching, I kept hearing my phone buzz from across the room. Over and over, it buzzed every few seconds. Finally, when I had a break, I walked over to see what messages I was missing. I looked and saw that I had at least a dozen Facebook notifications. Almost all of them were some form of "Congratulations!" on my latest status update.

I spent the next few minutes racking my brain as to what I could have put on Facebook that everyone would be so excited about. My morning had been pretty uneventful. I'd eaten a pop-tart for breakfast and discovered a hole in my skirt. Surely those were not congratulatory events. Finally, I opened up my Facebook app on my phone and discovered that my status said (wait for it...)

Now, I understood all of the congratulations I was receiving. The only problem was... I'm NOT pregnant. Apparently, my darling sister decided to visit my mom. Mom happened to be taking care of the kids at my house. Since I don't make it a habit to log out of my Facebook account on the home computer, Kirsten just had to mess with me. Nothing new there - she is my big sister, after all.

No matter how many times I tried to rescind the pregnancy, someone else would only see the headline on their newsfeed and congratulate me. It became the practical joke that wouldn't die. Just when I thought it was over, someone else who hadn't been on Facebook would log on and congratulate me all over again. I even had a person or two tell me they "just knew it!" Really? I'm not sure what to do with that (go eat more chocolate). 

Here's how it played out in screenshots:
The status that started it all...
This is Kirsten's version of showing that it was all a prank. Unfortunately, no one even noticed this. PS: I have serious issues with both clowns and sticky fingers.
This is my version of pointing out the prank.
I don't think this qualifies as an actual apology. It certainly doesn't sound very remorseful.
Trying to get the word out (& stem the tide of texts and messages regarding my fake baby).
Now she really doesn't sound sorry at all, does she?
Some folks still hadn't figured it out.
What more can I say?

Luckily, I have a pretty good sense of humor. Even though I kept having to correct people, I did think it was a funny prank. I just hope Kirsten braces herself for some revenge. I know I can enlist my nieces' help. I'll just have to lay low for a while... lull her into a false sense of security and all. When she least expects it, I'll have some payback ready. They say it's a bitch.

If you have any great suggestions, leave a comment below...

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IT Guy said...

I even had a person or two tell me they "just knew it!" Really?

Evidence of an epic prank is massive collateral damage. This one not only got Auntie K's favorite sister, but nicely splashed over on those who offered the "I knew it"s!

Where are they hiding?

Lissie said...

I have to concur that this was a stellar prank. I'm still looking for good suggestions on just what kind of payback my favorite prankster deserves. It's going to have to top this one at the very least.