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Tuesday's Tip #6

Here's a tip for you:

Crank the tunes.

Our kids are actually really great in the car. It's why we like road trips so much. Every now and then, though, they get a little antsy. And sometimes, they just start losing their shit. This one's crying, that one hit the other one, someone wants a toy.... all hell breaks loose.

This is the ideal time for a sing along. Right when you're at the point of yelling, "I'll pull this car over!" is when you turn up the radio. Loud. None of that Wiggles crap, either. Blast something totally obnoxious from your favorite station. Preferably the kind of song that gets over-played every five minutes.

My kids are just like me. They know every word to every song on the radio. Even songs that I'm certain they've never heard before. Blast those tunes and the whole car is instantly united in song. I can only imagine what the people at the red lights next to us think. Especially now, when the weather is nice and the windows are down. There's nothing funnier than watching my car full of brats suddenly laughing, singing, and dancing.

So, if you're at a red light next to a giant car full of a bunch of singing kids, it's not the Partridge Family. It's just me, trying to make it to our destination without having to turn that car around!

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Lisa @ The Golden Spoons said...

Love this tip - I do it all the time! So if you see a car full of kids at a stop light singing and laughing, it might be us Spoons!! (And the song may or amy not be Red Solo Cup!)

Lissie said...

Always good to know that I'm in good company! My kids have fairly eclectic taste. My 3 year old son is a big fan of Mumford & Sons and Gotye. My 19 month old loves Adele. As long as it drowns out the kids, I'm happy!

Anonymous said...

I do this sometimes.....I have done this since my daughter was eight months old (in emergencies only!) It is always music I like, and sometimes she claps along to it.