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Tuesday's Tip (#5)

Here's a tip for you:

This one goes hand-in-hand with last week's tip

Wear camouflage.

I'm not talking about the stuff that would help you blend into the woods, either. I'm talking about busy prints and ugly florals that will help to hide the mess I make of myself every day.

Each day, I get myself dressed in clean, presentable clothes. Unfortunately, there is a correlation between how important the event that I am attending is and how much crap my kids can rub into my clothes. If I am wearing a clean shirt, someone will wipe their nose on it. If my pants are freshly laundered, someone will walk by with sticky {gah!} fingers and leave a nice print. In reality, I tend to be even more of a problem than the kids.

Take today, for example. This evening, there is an open house for new parents at my school. It's the kind of event where I feel compelled to look presentable. So, I put on a clean shirt and a printed skirt. Then I tried to make my lunch. As I squeezed the last of the mayonnaise onto my sandwich, it made that lovely farting sound that alerts you to the fact that it's time to add mayo to the grocery list. Accompanying that sound was the giant blob of mayonnaise that landed right on my skirt. Luckily for me, my skirt is patterned with black, white and red flowers. So, if I hadn't felt compelled to write this blog post, no one would even know that I'm covered in condiments. See how well these tips work? So, if you see me walking around in something best suited for upholstering an old lady's couch, it's just so I can protect myself from myself and the kids.

Have a tip to share? Or a stain stick? Feel free to leave a comment below...

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Jeanne Wegman said...

I have a spray bottle that used to be spray n wash in my laundry room. It is now just tide with some water mixed in it. I spray the front of EVERY shirt of the boys before I put it in the washer...that way if I missed a stain, I catch it that way. The other way I get out stains (think white grass stained football (or baseball) pants...first I soak in hot water with the laundry soap. Then I lay the wet stained garment on top of the washer and take dial soap (in bar form) and rub it all over the stains, then launder as usual. My boys always had the whitest football pants out of everyone! LOL I am insane!

Ranch Mama said...

Brilliant! Thanks for the tip! My mom used to make smocks in bright colors to wear all day while she taught. I always thought she looked so lame. Now I'm planning on making me some just to wear around the house...