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Tuesday's Tip (#4)

Here's a tip for you:

Look in a mirror - often.

It's always good to know when you're a wreck. Maybe it's because I'm naturally a hot mess or maybe it's because I have 87 5 kids, but I have a clothing calamity at least once a week.

Case in point: today I reached down by my side and thought to myself, "Wow. This skirt has pockets? Awesome!" But, no. This skirt does not have pockets. It has a giant hole in the side right on my hip. I have no idea how or when it happened. I'm very clumsy by nature. Maybe I ran into something and tore it this morning. Maybe I'm just that much of a disaster and put on a skirt with a hole when I got dressed. There's really no telling. I'm just relieved for everyone I need to face today that it actually has a lining. Other than that, my students would have been seeing a whole new side of Ms. M today.

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NurseNoodle said...

Awwww Beastly, I love you and all your HAWT messiness. Too funny. Good thing this isn't coincide with your boobalicious day. That would have been some serious lunch room fodder.