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A few months ago, I made a friend on Instagram. Her name is Jasmine (some of you might know her as Fleurty and Fit). She has been an inspiration to me because she started losing weight and getting fit the old fashioned way. She discovered that there really is no secret formula other than to #StopEatingCrapAndMoveYourAss (by far, my favorite hashtag). Jasmine has been a great motivator to me and we've struck up a really nice friendship (even though we've never actually met).

In addition to being that little voice in my Instagram app who tells me to go to the gym (& cheers me on when I do), I noticed she had some really cute headbands that she wore while she was working out. Jasmine figured out that she could easily make headbands with a velvet backing that would stay in place no matter what workout you're doing. Soon after, an Etsy shop opened with a new Instagram account and Facebook page to follow. I kept seeing her pictures and I finally ordered some for myself. Now, I can't stop talking about them.

About a week ago, Jasmine was looking for a few people to write a review of her headbands. I told her I'd be happy to - I'm always telling my friends about them, I may as well write about it. She offered to send me a free FleurtyBand, but I told her not to bother (unless she wants to replace my favorite pink one that got washed away in a huge wave on vacation {sob}). 

FleurtyBands are seriously one of my favorite things. They're really cute and definitely not just for working out. There are so many styles that you can be like me and wear them to work or for a night out. They're also really inexpensive. When I got my first order, I took my cupcake headband (because I am The Cake Beast, after all) straight to the gym for a trial run. I literally ran for 30 minutes and it never moved. As hot and sweaty as I was, it stayed right in place.

Here are some of my own FleurtyBand pictures (but check out Jasmine's page, because she has SO many styles to choose from):

Here's my personal collection of FleurtyBands. I think it might be time to add to it!

My cupcake headband passed the test! It's adorable and completely stayed in place for my entire workout. (Sweaty gym selfie, anyone?)

So, go check out Jasmine's FleurtyBands - they're fashionable, functional, and really inexpensive. Plus, they're handmade by one of the nicest people I've ever (not really) met!


Tuesday's Tip (#40)

Here's a tip for you:

Dress for the weather.

I don't mean wear a raincoat if it's raining or mittens if it's cold. I mean don't wear a cute skirt that is going to blow up over your head Marilyn Monroe-style when you're going on a (windy) harbor cruise. If not for my nude spanx, all of the folks on the second deck would've had quite a show. Although, seeing as the spanx are nude, they might think they got some kind of weird "I've got the anatomy of a Barbie doll" show. I literally needed a team of people to get back down the stairs and prevent a major wardrobe malfunction. 

So, learn from my mistakes. Harbor cruises = pants, shorts, and clingy things that can't possibly move. Unless you like that Marilyn Monroe look. 

I can promise you that I didn't look even remotely this cute trying not to flash the entire conference on the boat.

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My job comes with the best perk ever: summers off. I thoroughly enjoy being off for the summer with my kids. The schedule is relaxed, there's no rushing around... We can just go with the flow. For the last two weeks, my kids have been sleeping past 9am. It's wonderful. I can lay in bed continuing my marathon of Homeland or reading a trilogy of books back-to-back, drinking coffee and no one disturbs me. After the stress of working my first full-time position since I had kids, this summer has been a Godsend. 

This isn't a real post because I'm too busy watching Homeland and drinking coffee, but here are a few pics from our vacation on Martha's Vineyard (more about that later):

So many flip flops to keep track of...
The daily bike ride to the beach 
Beach fun!
Charlotte and I (& a red solo cup)
Family shot

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