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The Road to Hell...

... is paved with good intentions.

As my summer vacation officially started this morning, here are all of the things I am going to do this summer:
  • My laundry. ALL of it. Even the pile that got thrown in the back hall because we were having company and I didn't have time to fold it and now it's been out there for a month and I should donate all of that stuff to Goodwill since we haven't missed it anyway. (Holy run-on sentence, Batman! See what my laundry does to me?)
  • Organize the playroom. The one you can't walk into without actually having a climbing license to get over the piles of stuff.
  • Have a yard sale (or four) to purge some stuff.
  • Not end up on Hoarders. See above.
  • Exercise every day. Don't laugh.
  • Get my nails done. Because I have had not one, but two gift certificates in my purse for over a year.
  • Get my hair cut. See above.
  • Do something fun with the kids every day. This is probably the only bullet on this list that will actually happen. But, I suppose that is the way it should be. Kids should trump laundry and cleaning, right?
So, bring on my two months off! (And let's hope September doesn't find me buried under laundry and toys with long hair, gross nails, & a giant ass.)

Cue Alice Cooper...

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"As We Speak" said...

Love your post...love your optimism. Look forward to seeing how many things on your list are accomplished.


Ranch Mama said...

I'm right here with you! Add to my list having my in-laws arrive in 2 days and the laundry is still overflowing out into the hall! Gulp! And I've actually started cutting my own hair! Yikes! I've never cut anyone's hair until I had my boy! Have a great summer!

Lissie said...

Optimism is right. I'm figuring that I'll start Monday, since one trip to the post office yesterday wore me right out.

I've totally cut my own hair. I'm not sure if that's pathetic or awesome. And, I highly recommend throwing your laundry in the back hall, basement or garage. They'll never know. LOL