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Nothing Good Comes from a Claire's Make-up Kit

Lucy had a Claire's giftcard leftover from her birthday. So, while I was at a coronation birthday party with Sophie, PJ let Lucy go shopping. Naturally, she bought a make-up kit. Just what every 7 year old needs. Little did I know, she had set up a little make-up station in my living room this morning. These are the results. (I can only be thankful that Charlotte hadn't woken up yet!)

Lucy hard at work on her clients.
Patrick went for the ever-so-fashionable "black-eye/scarface" look.
Sean told me he's a vampire.
And Sophie...who knows??
Of course, Charlotte woke up while I was typing this. Lucy got to her before she had even rubbed the sleep from her eyes.

I'll call this one "Baby Streetwalker."
It's going to be an interesting summer, for sure.

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"As We Speak" said...

SO, so cute and so, so funny!