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Tuesday's Tip (#7)

Here's a tip for you:

Don't be a bag lady.

As the school year is winding down, I am getting lazier and lazier. I haven't been laying out the clothes at night. I haven't been packing the lunches. I haven't packed the diaper bag for the babysitter. This leads to ridiculous morning chaos where I take all kinds of short cuts to get all of us out of the house as close to on time as possible. 

Today, I managed to get all of the kids off to school. Then it was time to get myself ready. I was rushing to get stuff together so I just threw things into shopping bags. I walked out of the house with:
  • my computer bag
  • my work bag
  • my lunch in a plastic bag
  • Sean & Charlotte's things in a plastic bag (somewhere I have a fancy diaper bag)
  • an extra shirt & shoes for a work function in a plastic bag
  • last night's chicken carcass in a plastic bag to go in the trash.
That last one was what sealed the deal on how ridiculous I looked. My big fear was dropping my lunch in the trash can and ending up with a chicken carcass for lunch at school today. Whatever. The school year is almost over. Why bother now?

Have a tip to share? Or an extra large Louis Vuitton you want to lend me? Feel free to leave a comment below...

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"As We Speak" said...

Well, you are obviously "dancing as fast as you can!" I think the whole 'Bag thing' is a little cry for help!

Tara said...

sorry, no great tips to share...just wanted to say I just stumbled upon yoru blog via The Golden Spoons, and love it. I find myself turning into the bag lady regularly these days too:) I'm your newest follower.

Lissie said...

Thanks, Tara! I checked out your blog, too. I make a ton of cakes and now I'm dying to try your rainbow frosting technique!