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I'm going to whine for a bit. I try not to be that mom. The one who whines and complains about everything. I really don't do it often, so I'm over-due. 

Let me start by saying that I love my kids. I actually enjoy spending time with them. BUT, I had a revelation this morning. Due to the snow and the fact that my husband has been working so much overtime, the only break I've had from my kids in the last two weeks has been when I go to work. To teach other people's kids. 

That's a whole lot of togetherness. And a whole lot of kids. Don't get me wrong, my kids are easy. They get along most of the time. They entertain themselves and each other well. But, I really wouldn't object to going someplace that only had grown-ups for a night. I'm going to turn into that lady who starts talking to strangers just for adult interaction. I can feel it. So, don't nod and smile as you pass me at the grocery store. I'm going to start talking to you and never let you leave.

Part of the problem is that these snow storms are coming on the weekends, so PJ has to go into work on his days off. The other problem is that I'm a little disgruntled about missing a (grown-up) party that we were supposed to go to last night. We've known about it for ages (and we don't get out all that much), so I was really looking forward to it. Instead, he went into work and the kids and I ate take-out and watched movies on the couch. It was fun, however, the conversation - while comical - is slightly less stimulating with 2-9 year olds.

It's the everyday routine that is starting to wear on me. Breakfast, lunch, dinner. Getting them dressed for the day, getting them dressed for bed. I just need a little break. I know some of you out there are single moms and I give you credit. I did it for five days last week and two days this weekend and I'm a little worn out. I need to be me for a few minutes instead of someone's mom. I'd revel in going a whole hour without talking about poop.

Luckily, this week is school vacation week. So, I'll only be with my own kids (as opposed to all of the kids I teach). PJ is taking a couple of days off so that we can do stuff together with the kids. As long as there is no more damn snow. I like those overtime checks, but this is getting a little old.

I shouldn't be complaining - look at how cute they are!

That's my whiny rant. I should be done complaining for a while.

What about you? Anything driving you crazy these days? 

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Tuesday's Tips (#30)

Here's a tip for you: 

Get out of my way.

No, seriously. I'm talking to you, lady in the drop off lane who's having a freakin' conversation with another mom. The drop off lane is aptly named. You are supposed to pull up and drop your kids off. You are not supposed to get out, let each kid out of the car one by one, fix their hats, give them a little kiss, put on their backpacks, stop to have a little chat with another mom, pull another kid out of your car and take your sweet ass time watching your kids go into the building. I just sat behind you, trapped in the drop off lane, and watched you tell a funny joke that involved a goofy dance. Meanwhile, I had managed to get 4 kids out of the car and into the school in less than 2 minutes. 

My favorite part is when you finally made eye contact with me and did a little shrug, said, "Oh sorry," and sauntered into your car. I get it. You think you're cute and everything you do is cute. Well, go be cute in the parking lot. Park your car, take 10 minutes to drop off each kid, and you'll have plenty of time for funny jokes with the other moms. I left my house, flew to school, dropped off some of the kids, and now need to return home to meet the babysitter with the little one before I go to work. So just get out of my way. If you're not going to follow the rules of the drop off lane, go park your car. Because I'm feeling some serious road rage in the school parking lot. 

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A Whole 'Nutha' Level

A friend of mine and I have a running joke about the word 'another.' She insists that when something is really bad it warrants the phrase 'a whole nutha' as opposed to 'another whole' or 'a whole other.' When I told her that I took my morning to a whole new level of ridiculousness on Wednesday she corrected me with this text:

Normally, I'm the grammar queen. While I try not to be rude and correct you to your face, I'll be thinking about it in my head. But, after the morning I had, I think Erika might just be right. I didn't just bring my morning to another whole level or a whole other level. It was a whole nutha level of chaos.

It all started Monday night. I fell asleep from 9-10:30, then couldn't sleep anymore. As I was about to doze off at 2 am, Charlotte woke up. She had apparently received an invitation for a party in my bed that I was hosting. She was WIDE AWAKE and asking for snacks and chocolate milk. Thinking it might shut her up, I obliged. What kind of hostess would I be otherwise? Unfortunately, every time I started to doze off, some other fool needed something from me. The dog had to go out. The cat had to go out. The guinea pig was squeaking. (When was the last time you threw carrots at something at 4 am?) It was insanity. Right around 5:30 (when my alarm went off), Charlotte fell asleep. I figured out that I got about 3 hours of non-consecutive sleep. 

Which brought me into Tuesday. When I had to be at work until 7:30 pm. There's nothing like looking at student data for 3 1/2 hours when you haven't slept. Needless to say, I was a little tired Tuesday night. I knew I had a lot to do, but I just didn't have it in me. So, I set the alarm for 4 am and called it a night. I figured that would give me plenty of time to do all the things I should've done Tuesday night. Since I am a big fan of the snooze button, I set two alarms on my phone and one on my alarm clock. 

Color me surprised when I rolled over and looked at the clock on my table. I must've been exhausted because I have no recollection of a single alarm going off. Not one of the three. I vaguely remember screaming: "IT'S 6:40!!" This is a cause for panic because we leave the house at 7:15, PJ usually leaves at 6:20, and my mom comes to babysit anywhere between 6:45 and 7 am. And I still hadn't accomplished a single task!

I now found myself faced with the prospect of finding clothes for myself and five kids, packing lunches, getting everyone dressed and fed, dealing with the pets, and getting out the door in 35 minutes. Not only that, but I usually try to tidy up the disaster house before my mom arrives. And, did I mention that it was Crazy Hat Day at the kids' school and we hadn't decorated the hats yet? This is when you should laugh. Because I did. Otherwise I might cry. So I laughed. There was a little edge of hysteria there, but I laughed nonetheless.

PJ dashed out of the house as fast as he could. The kids did a lot of helping like letting the dog out and feeding the pets. I'm pretty sure one of the girls got Sean dressed. My mom helped with hair brushing, face washing, and shoe tying. (And by the time I got home, she had tackled the embarrassingly huge pile of dishes in the sink.) I found clothes (miraculous) and packed lunches and got everyone in the car right on time. Which is where we decorated crazy hats. The kids were in the backseat sticking foam letters to their hats while I did puffy paint at red lights. It was completely psychotic.

I don't text and drive, but they never said anything about puffy paint.

Patrick kept tipping his hat and saying, "Good morrow," like someone from a Dickens novel.

Lucy was my backseat decorator. She did a lot of helping (especially since I was driving).

And yes, Sophie's eyebrows are a little green. She had her face painted at dinner and we didn't quite get it all off in the chaos.

That's a bunny in Sean's lap. He wanted take it out of his hat at school.
So, I guess I have to agree with Erika on this one. I took my morning to a whole nutha level of craziness. I'm hoping for an utterly boring week next week. Although, if that were the case, I'd have nothing to blog about. And all of you organized people out there wouldn't be able to read this so smugly like you are. So, you're welcome. 

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