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Dances With Wolves

I've been told my kids are weird. It's possible I've said that myself more than once. There have even been times when I've caught their weirdness on camera. Here is some photographic evidence of my abnormal children (accompanied by their appropriate Dances With Wolves character name):

Bubbles In His Hair

Shaves With French Fries
Princess Stacking Cups
Hugging Pole
Sleeps With Ketchup
What about your house? Do you ever catch weirdos on film? (Do people even say "on film?" I haven't caught anything "on film" in a million years. Is it appropriate to say "on digital?" It just doesn't seem to have the same effect.)

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A New Angel

This post isn't a funny one. I try to avoid being too serious on the blog. I hate to be Debbie Downer. But, try as you might, you can't always get away from life. And life gets pretty damn serious sometimes, doesn't it?

I knew a girl in college. She was funny, smart, and very sweet. I can't actually picture her without a smile on her face. She had some serious perma-grin going on. She and I lost touch after college. I haven't seen her since. But, thanks to the joys of social media, I learned a few months ago that she was in some trouble.

A mutual friend on Facebook shared a link to a fundraiser. This girl's family was trying to raise money for some experimental treatment. Apparently, in July of 2012, she had a mole removed from her leg that turned out to be melanoma. After much fighting and many treatments (experimental and otherwise), she passed away yesterday. 

Like I said before, I haven't seen her since college. But this has rocked me. She was 35 just like me. And she had to say goodbye to her three young children. I just can't get that out of my head. The mother in me is completely devastated. I just don't know how anyone can possibly face the idea of leaving their children behind.

My only comfort in this situation is my belief system. I believe - very strongly - that she is now an angel able to be with her husband and children forever. I know she will watch over them and guide them. Heaven just gained an amazing angel in Casey.

The lesson here is two-fold:

  1. Go give some hugs. Hug your family, your babies, anyone. You just never know. 
  2. Get your skin checked. Seriously. Schedule an appointment today. Let Casey's story raise awareness of how serious this disease is. Get your skin checked and wear your sunscreen.


Keeping Them Busy

I post a lot of what the kids and I do on Facebook. And there is one compliment I receive quite often. People always tell me that I do a lot with the kids. And it's true. PJ & I have always done a lot of fun stuff with the kids. Part of it is because I am fortunate enough to have the summer off with the kids. But, it's not just because we're trying to be rock star parents, or even make amazing memories (although, that's sometimes a happy side effect). It's because we're no dummies and we know we're outnumbered.

There are five very young kids here. If we don't wear them out, we're screwed. These kids are smart. And really good at joining forces and inventing new games. It's only a matter of time before mutiny occurs. (There are five of them!)

So we keep them good and busy. We hike, take walks, find fun activities to do. It's all for our own benefit. These guys think they're just out having a good time, but we're actually making them so tired that they won't have the energy to conspire against us. They'll just need to go home and sleep.

Most of our activities are free or inexpensive, too. The next time you go somewhere, multiply the admission by five kids and two adults. Yikes, right? This is why we hike and take walks at the Arboretum. Free. Our town also has some good events. Annual Foam Day. Free. Summer concerts at the Endicott Estate. Also free. We're also smart about memberships. Last year, PJ found some crazy deal for Six Flags New England that included the rest of the fall and all of this year. He loves a bargain, so it was really cheap. PJ's aunt used to buy each of us a gift for Christmas. For the last few years, she's given us a family gift of the Museum of Science membership. When his grandmother wanted to know what to get us as a gift, my mother-in-law smartly suggested the New England Aquarium. And we buy ourselves the Zoo New England membership every year. Right there, we've got a museum, the aquarium, and two zoos we can go to at any time (& Six Flags when we're feeling adventurous). It definitely gives us lots of options.

So, if you're in the house feeling overwhelmed by your crazy kid(s), get them out. It may seem counter-intuitive. You may not want to take that lunatic out in public. But, trust me on this one. Throw them in the carriage or the car and go find someplace you can take a long walk. Drive to a different town and go to a playground they've never been. Bring some snacks and a drink and get moving. They will settle down. Maybe it's the fresh air or the exercise. Wear them out! Then thank me when they're sleeping later.

Here are a few shots from yesterday's Foam Day. It's the highlight of the kids' summer. And I'm pretty well convinced that spending an hour buried up to their necks in bubbles means I don't have to bathe them for at least a week. Win-Win situation.
Charlotte as the Michelin Man
Lulu buried in bubbles
Sophie up to her neck
Sean in "bubble clothes"
Patrick was covered in head-to-toe bubbles the whole time. For all I know, this isn't even him. Maybe, it's a picture of someone else's bubble-covered child. ;)

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