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Dances With Wolves

I've been told my kids are weird. It's possible I've said that myself more than once. There have even been times when I've caught their weirdness on camera. Here is some photographic evidence of my abnormal children (accompanied by their appropriate Dances With Wolves character name):

Bubbles In His Hair

Shaves With French Fries
Princess Stacking Cups
Hugging Pole
Sleeps With Ketchup
What about your house? Do you ever catch weirdos on film? (Do people even say "on film?" I haven't caught anything "on film" in a million years. Is it appropriate to say "on digital?" It just doesn't seem to have the same effect.)

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Barbara Butler said...

I love the picture of your son covered in suds, but one question, where did they come from? You have great looking kids, you must be proud. I have an Autistic son who I'm also very proud of as well. I follow you on twitter & now on your google follow me list. Would you follow me please? Thanks a bunch & happy blogging!