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Get Out of My Kitchen!

I love to cook and bake. The kitchen is definitely MY room in our house. And everyone knows it. I thoroughly enjoy company in my kitchen, whether it be guests hanging out, kids helping with measuring and stirring, or the occasional post-dinner dance party. It's the fighting, fussing and fooling around that I can't tolerate while I try to cook. One child chases another into the middle of the kitchen while I'm trying to measure dry ingredients. Someone else decides to see how well their bouncy ball can ricochet off the walls while I'm piping frosting on a cake. Surely, if I'm stirring or pouring something that's extremely hot, someone will be crying at my legs about the latest sibling injustice. This is when it happens. The yell that the neighbors can probably hear. "Get out of MY kitchen!"

I love when the kids are in the kitchen to help. It's fun teaching them how to crack eggs, measure ingredients, and stir. It brings back fond memories of hanging out in my grandmother's kitchen and learning to bake. And our post-dinner dance parties remind me of hanging with mom and cranking the music while we washed dishes. Lately, though, the kids seem to be more likely to come into the kitchen to wreak havoc.

I have tried to claim this room as my own. I am the one who uses it for it's intended purpose, after all. Maybe it's the magnet effect that draws the goofballs into the kitchen while I'm trying to work. Maybe they're a bunch of daredevils who want to face off against hot oil and the wrath of mom. Or maybe, they have made it their own personal mission to drive me nuts. Whatever it is, I'm pretty sure they have become desensitized to my battle cry. "Get out of MY kitchen!" no longer holds any power and I just can't seem to rid myself of these pests. Anyone know a good exterminator?
Visual Aid?

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Dawn-Marie said...

I'm always yelling, "No toys in the kitchen!"

Lissie said...


Martha said...

ha! With the exception of loving to cook, I could have written this post! What is it about those bouncy balls in the kitchen? My children always come in to ask what I'm making and then complain about my answer! Strangely enough, I just wrote about the same problem on my blog today! It must be a winter-blues kind of thing!

Great post!

Lissie said...

I dread the "What's for dinner?" question because there is always someone who is unhappy with it.

And the bouncy balls - seriously? Glad to know there are others out there who feel my pain!

IT Guy said...

Forget bouncy balls, I could help you with some Nerf dart guns cheap!