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My job comes with the best perk ever: summers off. I thoroughly enjoy being off for the summer with my kids. The schedule is relaxed, there's no rushing around... We can just go with the flow. For the last two weeks, my kids have been sleeping past 9am. It's wonderful. I can lay in bed continuing my marathon of Homeland or reading a trilogy of books back-to-back, drinking coffee and no one disturbs me. After the stress of working my first full-time position since I had kids, this summer has been a Godsend. 

This isn't a real post because I'm too busy watching Homeland and drinking coffee, but here are a few pics from our vacation on Martha's Vineyard (more about that later):

So many flip flops to keep track of...
The daily bike ride to the beach 
Beach fun!
Charlotte and I (& a red solo cup)
Family shot

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Ida Arias said...

Not as lucky as you to have the summer off but summer has been really laid-back!! Love the flip flop and the family shot!

Lissie M said...

Thanks, Ida! Enjoy your summer!