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They Got Me. The Little Jerks Got Me.

My husband and I have iPhones and my kids have iPad minis. This means we have a lot of devices on one Apple ID (so we can share apps and all that). My children also happen to be fairly technologically savvy (like most kids their ages, I'm sure). This means that they're very adept at screwing with each others' settings using their own devices.

The other day, I was looking through my text messages. I was scrolling by different names of people I've texted when I stopped and started laughing (out loud). This is what I saw:

Apparently, Patrick had decided to change Lucy's name to "I Like Big Butts." I called her into my room to show her and she was not the least bit amused. She had no idea how long she'd been texting her friends from an account named "I Like Big Butts." She quickly changed her name back and then logged into Patrick's settings to change his name to Butthead. What a lovely bunch. Somehow, I ended up getting involved in this nonsense. Patrick must've figured that I helped Lucy out, and decided to exact his revenge on me. 

I texted hubs this morning and he sent me a screenshot of how my messages were appearing on his phone:

So I asked, "Siri, what's my name?" This is the answer she gave me:

I'm not sure when the change was made. But, I had been texting a mom from Sean's class about a playdate yesterday and - since I barely know her - I'm seriously hoping she doesn't think I'm completely insane for calling myself Butt in our texts. I'd probably be slightly concerned if my 5 year old were playing at a house where the mom goes by Butt. 

As someone on Instagram put it, "Let the games begin." And, since we're friends, feel free to call me Butt.

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