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The List

I have a "to do" list.  As a matter of fact, I have a few.  Some are on paper, some in the notepad function on my phone, and even an actual "To Do" application in the same phone.  It's a bit of a compulsion.  There are a few reasons for the "to do" list obsession.

One reason for the list is that I can't remember to do anything.  I have that many kids.  I have to put everything on my list for the day:

  • shower
  • feed pets
  • dress the kids
  • etc...
There's no telling what might happen if I don't add even the most basic tasks to the list.  I'll stink, the pets will starve and the children will be at school in their pajamas.  Don't judge.  Come tell me how many things you forget to do when you're trying to get 5 kids out the door.  I'd be willing to bet you might forget to brush your teeth your lunch, too!

The other reason for the list is that it helps me feel like I've accomplished something.  There are days when my house is in disarray, my children are unruly, and I don't feel like I've managed to accomplish a single task without being interrupted or derailed in some way.  Then, I look at the "to do" list.  I could get discouraged when I see that I still haven't checked off the laundry I hoped to fold, finished those lessons for work, or sent those emails I meant to send.  I really might feel down if I count how many items did not get checked off the list.  Instead, I choose to focus on my accomplishments for the day.  I showered, the pets were fed, and the kids were dressed.  Some days, that's as far as I can get.  Check!

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