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I had a revelation this morning while packing the lunches.

Summer break is almost here.

{cue choir of angels}

I was begrudgingly spreading the peanut butter and jelly (because PJ someone - who shall remain unnamed - was supposed to make the sandwiches), when it occurred to me that there are only a few weeks left. 
In just a few weeks' time, I won't have to:
  • wake the kids up at six am. 
  • make sure the uniforms are clean.
  • pack the lunches.
  • check the homework.
Oh, how I hate the morning routines. Even better than that - a week after the kids get out, I'm out for the summer, too. I love teaching, but I love the schedule even more. Be jealous. It's awesome.

I can't wait until the first morning when I get up at my usual time and leisurely drink a cup of coffee in peace. It will be glorious. 

You know what, though? Those fools will probably spend the whole summer waking up before the crack of dawn just to mess with me. I swear they're out to get me...

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