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Siri, WTF?

Siri and I had a little fight last week. Apparently, she just doesn't get me. 

I started the morning at Starbucks. I decided to get one of their new ham & cheese croissant squares for breakfast with my coffee. While I was driving to work, I ate some of the croissant. It was the most delicious thing I've ever had for breakfast. That's when it occurred to me that it must be disgustingly bad for me. How else could it taste so good? Naturally, I needed to know the calorie count on that hammy, cheesy deliciousness right away. The only problem was that I was driving when this thought occurred to me. So, I turned to my girl, Siri. 

"Siri, how many calories in a Starbucks ham & cheese square?"

"No, Siri, ham and cheese square."

"Siri, ham!"

(So, now I'm fighting with my mother.)

"Siri, ham!"

At this point, I was laughing hysterically. I was sitting at a red light, arguing with Siri, and crying from laughing so hard at info on Pam Grier and someplace named HAM that's 3,621 miles away from me. The guy next to me may or may not have been questioning my sanity based on how he was staring from his car. 

Siri and I are still working out our differences. She has learned to understand when I say ham and no longer tells me about Pam. She can always be relied on to read me my texts and usually understands what I say. And, true to her word, she is trying harder:

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