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What Was I Thinking?

Tomorrow is the big day. My first half marathon. I didn't buy a clever t-shirt to wear, but one of my favorite ones that I've seen says, "This seemed like a great idea 3 months ago." Truer words were never spoken. I set this crazy goal for myself simply to see if I could do it. I'm still not sure if I'll even finish. And I'm a little terrified of the potential disappointment I'll feel if I can't make it. But I know that I've busted my ass training and I'm certainly going to try. In order to confirm my status as a total lunatic, I've already registered for my second half in May. So, if I don't finish this one, I've got another goal to shoot for. And if, by some miracle, I make it to the finish line, I can use May's half marathon as a way to beat my time (if only by a minute). 

I'm a slow runner. But I've plodded along for 185.31 miles since July. (But who's counting?) And even though this task still seems insurmountable, I can look back at all the runs I've logged over the summer and realize that those runs got longer and longer. Without me even seeing it, I've been getting stronger and increasing my endurance. 
So... Ready or not, here I come. I'm going to channel my inner superhero and try to make my it all the way to the finish line. 

Damn, I miss my WonderWoman Underoos...

If all else fails, at least I'll get to test out my sister's version of advice: 
(That middle finger emoji is perfect.)
So, wish me luck... I'm just hoping to make it to the tent with the beer and lobster rolls - even if I have to crawl!


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