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Monday, You're Such A Cliche

I really thought this was going to be my week. I got up well before sunrise and went for a run. The kids were up and ready for school super early. So early, that they got to sit and relax and watch cartoons (and I didn't even have to scream at anyone about brushing their teeth). It was going to be awesome.

And then Monday decided to be a stupid cliche. On my way to my classroom, I decided to use the 2 minutes I had to run to the ladies' room. I pulled down my pants and marveled at the giant hole in the crotch of my brand-new pants. As I was trying to figure out a.) how the hell that happened, and b.) would my sweater be long enough to cover it, my phone slipped right out of my back pocket and straight into the toilet. Totally submerged.

In the process of frantically trying to fish my phone out of the toilet (thank the lord I hadn't gone yet) and dry it off, I did something without even thinking about it. I blew straight into those little speaker holes to try to rid them of water. Which, of course, meant that all that toilet water splashed right back into my face. 

Please, don't even try to tell me your Monday sucked if you didn't get spritzed with LITERAL eau de toilette.

And, to top this fantastic day off, we got to report to a mandatory meeting after school to find out that our school has continued to fail and will probably be taken over by the state. After countless hours with some very dedicated teachers working tirelessly, we just continue to fail. It's a little hard to handle. Especially for those of us who CHOSE to come to (and stay at) this failing school and work extra hours with little support from the district.

So, I came home and sat on the porch swing and had a beer. 

Some silver linings: 

  • My sweater was, indeed, long enough to cover my stupid crotch hole. (Wow. That sounded so wrong.) 
  • The new iPhone is truly water resistant. They didn't just make that new feature up.
  • My students are still awesome. They may be at a difficult school that hasn't passed the right tests. Some of them may have behavior difficulties and they may not have the best reading levels. But they love coming to Science to learn and we are going to have an amazing year. Screw the fancy people in their fancy suits. They don't have a clue what it means to work there. And I will continue to teach my scientists and revel in watching them learn and explore.
Tomorrow is Tuesday. At the very least I'd like to make it through the day with out toilet water in my face.


Heres a clip from one of my favorite movies. Very apropos...

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