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Sleep - The Great Equalizer

I love hanging out with my kids. They're fun, crazy, sweet, and loving. They can also be loud, crazy, obnoxious, and wild. (Yes, crazy made the list twice!) This negative set of traits is seen most often on Friday nights. 

Something happens to my children that makes every Friday - around 5pm - seem like a full moon. One minute they are happily running around playing some cute game that they made up. Then, without warning, someone is screaming, or crying, or otherwise being rude. By the time bedtime rolls around, all hell is breaking loose. These are the moments when I am about to pull my hair out and wonder if I should take up drinking something stronger than beer. 

The Friday night chaos culminates in a total crash at bedtime. The silence that ensues is almost deafening in its depth. It's that moment that makes me realize what it's all about. That moment of watching all of those tranquil faces makes the chaos simply melt away. There is nothing like looking at the sweet, silent face of a sleeping child to see the true meaning of peace. I stroll by each bed and simply revel in it. And then I  brace myself, knowing that, in just a few short hours, all of the craziness - good and bad - begins again.

Charlotte at rest
Sophie often falls asleep wherever she stops.
Patrick, Lucy, & Sean snuggling

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