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Tuesday's Tip (#21)

Here's a tip for you:

Get a sippy cup.

Not for your kids. For yourself. That way, when you're rushing out of the house, you won't be a fool who thinks they can travel with their coffee mug (not a travel mug). That would be silly. And result in at least 8 fluid ounces of lukewarm coffee ending up inside your bra as you try to drink and drive. It makes for a lovely perfume to wear to work, however. Eau de caffeine.

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Nelly said...

As a fellow mom, I know this tip all to well. My laziness still convinces me I don't need to transfer to travel mug just to drive to preschool drop off. Note to self, I do.

Anonymous said...

I am here to inform you, i have nominated you for a Sunshine Award. Info on my page, but again, i think i got you before, so do with this info as you please:) That said, i have totally TOTALLY done the same thing with a coffee mug.