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Summer Vacation, Baby!

Every summer, I write a post like this, but I have to do it. (It's tradition, now.)

I freaking love summer vacation.

I enjoy my job (most days), even with it's challenges. But I really don't enjoy being a working mom. All the little things that I have to do just to keep my day running smoothly during the workweek/schoolweek make me slightly insane. But this is my pay-off. These amazing weeks where we don't have to go anywhere at all. I can do whatever I want with the kids without rushing them out the door at an obnoxiously early time. It's incredible. 

I also happen to be blessed with kids who are (for the most part) pretty low maintenance. As long as I throw them a meal or a snack once in a while, they don't need too much from me. That's why they're so fun to hang out with. We get to take a stroll at the Arboretum, go to the zoo, museum, or aquarium (everyone buys us memberships for Christmas - best family gifts ever). And some days, they just want to hang in the house and play in the pool. The beauty of having an entire basketball team for children is that they can entertain each other when we are at home. 

Best money we ever spent. This foolish pool has been up for three summers and it has entertained them for countless hours! 
I intend to live every minute of this vacation up. I've got grand plans for relaxing. I've already finished three books this week. Anything that involves me not hunting for uniform socks (where do they go??) and packing lunches sounds pretty awesome to me.

So, here's to summer vacation!



Here are a few highlights from our Martha's Vineyard vacation...

Happy Fourth of July!

Seriously, my kids can sleep anywhere
Sophie & I biking to the beach. Tandem!
My partner in crime!
My beach babies

Can't wait until next year - we love Martha's Vineyard!

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