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So, I tried something new today. Today, I went to my first November Project workout. (If you aren't too sure what that means, you can learn more about it here.)

I've recently become friendly with another mom at my kids' school whose two little ones are friends with Sophie and Sean. I had been admiring Erica's Instagram posts showing her November Project escapades and kind of wanted to check it out. I knew I couldn't be quite so hardcore as she and hit the workouts with kids in tow and then bring them to school. So, we decided to check it out once summer vacation started. 

Today was the first available day that we haven't had something going on, so we decided to try it out. The kids were surprisingly excited about getting up at 5:30 on a summer morning to head out. We left the house a little before 6am. With traffic and the fact that I wasn't too sure where I should park, we arrived a little later than intended. Wednesday's workout is the stairs at Harvard Stadium. 

Since we were about 10 minutes late, I just jumped in at the last section and started climbing. Those steps are huge. And I didn't even realize that I should use the small red steps to climb down. So when I got to the top of my first set, I turned around and tried to step straight down... and promptly fell on my face. I thought for sure (in those milliseconds when everything is happening in slow motion) that I was going to tumble all the way to the bottom of all of that concrete. Naturally, a few people ran over in a panic to make sure I was okay. I'm pretty sure that even if both legs were broken, I would've jumped up just as quickly as I did today out of sheer embarrassment. I had to assure these lovely folks that I was, indeed, alright, and proceeded to tell them that this is why my mother calls me Grace. Because I ain't got none. 

I made Patrick take a selfie with me at the top of the first set. Then, I fell on my face. (Mostly my knees, but I was definitely laid out.)
After my initial humiliation, I decided to keep going. The kids even did a few sets with me, but they were so disappointed that they hadn't found their friends. Luckily, Erica and her son, Charlie, found us. And brought us over to the nice, shady sections where the workout was actually taking place today. (I really need to show up on time so I know what to do.) At that point, I already felt like dying, but Erica is great motivation and I tried to keep up. It was a little hard to not be intimidated by the people who were running up those stairs while I felt like my legs would give out just walking. The kids were so motivated to keep up with Erica and Charlie, that Patrick, Sophie, & Sean did 18 sections. That's a TON of giant steps when you've got little legs. 

These kids busted their butts today...

Sweaty and red (& using a selfie with Charlotte as an excuse to sit down and catch my breath)
Erica coming down the stairs with the kids (& keeping them moving)!

Chuck's butt going up for one last set of stairs was my favorite shot of the day!

I completely lost track of how many I completed. I know it was more than the kids, but not by much. By the end, my legs felt like they were made of Jell-o. As they were rounding up the tribe for a quick chat and group photo, I realized that I couldn't see Patrick anywhere. The poor kid had pushed himself too hard in the heat and ended up throwing up at the top of the stairs.

Oddly enough, even though I almost killed myself and I made my poor kid sick with exhaustion or dehydration, I'd totally do it again. If only to look ever so slightly less new the next time. I can't imagine those stairs get any easier, but I'd love to try. I mean, if I can get 5 kids out of the house for a workout before 6am, that makes me a little hardcore, right? (Or just completely insane?)

Group shot - it was quite a crowd!

After the early morning wake-up and all the stairs (and the puking) they were still smiling.

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