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Kids are funny. And we've all heard that they say the "darndest things." I often overhear some very funny conversations in the course of a day. Yesterday, while driving in the car, this is what transpired between Patrick and Lucy.

Patrick: I just farted.
Lucy: Did you know that girls don't fart much?
Patrick: Just Sophie.
Lucy: Yeah, she's funny! Why is she so funny?
Patrick: I guess God just gives her all those ideas.

This conversation cracked me up. Sophie is funny. She's funny without even trying to be. I asked Patrick later what he meant about God giving Sophie her ideas. Apparently, he once asked Sophie why she's so funny. She shrugged and said, in a very matter-of-fact way, "I guess God just gives me all my ideas."

That's Sophie. A direct line to heaven for her comedic inspiration.

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Dawn said...

I love Sophie! She's brilliant!!