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Back to School

It's that time of year again. The air is a little cooler, the days are a little shorter, the school supply commercials are all you see, and parents everywhere are breathing a collective sigh of relief. Its time to go Back To School. 

I've always loved this time of year. As a kid, I was the geek with all of the perfectly sharpened pencils and color-coordinated notebooks and folders in my Trapper Keeper (just try to tell me those things weren't great!). There's nothing like a bunch of brand-new notebooks with crisp, clean pages just waiting for all of the perfectly neat notes I would stop taking by the time October rolled around.

It is a little tough.  I really like being home all summer with my kids.  Our schedule is relaxed and we have our choice of fun activities to do each day.  Going back to school means packing lunches, juggling childcare, and rushing around to get everything done. For me, though, it's always meant a new beginning.  Some people wait until the start of the new year in January to "begin anew."  I get to do that every September.  I try to get back into a better routine, plan new activities for my children and my students, anything that will make my life run more smoothly.

I have so many intentions at the start of a new school year.  Often, life catches up with me and, much like others' New Year's resolutions, they go by the wayside.  Regardless, the air is getting crisp, the kids have new backpacks full of unbroken crayons and sharpened pencils, and I have a fresh start ahead of me.  Here's to sticking to it (until January, when I need to start over again)!

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