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Sophie, the Self-Proclaimed "Funny One"

Sophie is crazy funny.  She doesn't try to be, it just comes naturally.  It's probably a birth order thing.  She's always been a little bit different from the others.  Maybe being #3 forces you to find new ways to get noticed.  Goodness knows she's always been louder than the others.  And she has definitely cornered the market on funny.  The comical thing about her is that she is totally unpredictable.  One minute, you have Sweet Little Sophie...

...the next minute, she has decided to become a cheerleader who uses seaweed for pom-poms (how gross imaginative!):

Or, you might come across Sophie in the yard, looking like a roast pig and wearing two left boots:
Yes, she's almost always bathing suit-clad.

With Sophie, you never really know what you're going to get.  Just ask her about her sister, Lisa.  When she was about two years old, Sophie started telling us about Lisa.  Her sister.  The one who died.  How did she die, you ask?  "In the lava."  Where does a two year old get that?

Sophie is also funny because she's quirky.  Once, when Charlotte was about 3 weeks old Sophie asked, "Mama, what's that new baby's name?"  I was pretty sure she must mean some other new baby because she couldn't possibly mean the one that currently lived in our house. "Do you mean our new baby? Charlotte??" I asked.  "Oh, right," she said, very nonchalantly, "I guess I just forgot."  Leave it to Sophie to forget her sister's name.

Sophie used to get upset when I would laugh and tell her she was funny.  Now, she's finally embraced her skill for its entertainment value.  If asked, she will happily tell you that she's "the funny one."  She might also tell you that she's the "wild child."  Neither of which is inaccurate. Not a day goes by that she doesn't do something to crack me up.  I'm just waiting for the day when she becomes the class clown.  So far, there haven't been any calls from school.  I've got the upcoming years to worry about that!

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