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Cake favorites

I like to bake. One of my favorite things to make is birthday cakes for my children. Whenever we have a birthday, I post the cake picture on Facebook. One day a Facebook friend who I hadn't seen since grade school asked if I could make the Ariel cake for her daughter and she would pay me. I had never considered making cakes for money. It's since become that thing I do (at 3 am). It's not really a profitable business as each cake takes so much time (I have no training) and so many ingredients (I bake from scratch), but I really enjoy doing it. I've made over one hundred cakes, but I picked out a few of my favorites below:

**UPDATE: If you want to check out more of my cakes, visit me at my other blog - The Cake Beast.
Bob the Builder - he was my first cake & a little jaundiced.
I've made 7 Ariels - thankfully, people have started asking for other princesses, too.
Lucy wanted a "funky girl" birthday cake and I had to learn how to make a fondant bow.
I copied my niece, Regan's "Hippie Chic" decorations for her cake.
A special request from my other niece - unicorn farting a rainbow. She's a little whacked.
I copied my stepsister's wedding invitation for her bridal shower cake.
My boss bought these decorations for her brother's 50th.
This is the disco cake I made to match the plates.
A golf cake for my stepdad.
A special request. For my birthday, I'd like a Harpoon IPA cake. 
My friend - who happens to be an adult - LOVES Hello Kitty. This is her birthday cake.
Sophie's Angelina Ballerina cake for her 3rd birthday.
Sean's 3D Thomas cake. It had a little lean to it, but it tasted good! Rock candy "smoke."
Super Mario...
...with "mushroom" cupcakes to match.
A karate cake for a karate party
A cake for a Wild Kratts fan.
Patrick had a Star Wars birthday.
I struggled with the Scrabble cake!
A cake for some Boston College graduates.
Sean's wild animal 1st birthday.
Lucy's butterfly cake
Patrick & his buddy had a joint birthday and agreed on a basketball cake.
A Fourth of July cake
For a Harry Potter fan - copying the font was tricky!
Patrick wanted a black widow on his cake. I hate spiders. It was a challenge!
I made cake in a bowl to make the spider 3D.
Charlotte had a tiny christening cake to go with her tiny birthday cake on the same day. Poor 5th child.

So, there are a few of my favorites from all of the cakes I've made. If you're looking for me, I'm probably in the kitchen, covered in buttercream at three in the morning.

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NurseNoodle said...

All gorgeous and delicious. My favorite shown was Regan's hippy chick cake. My favorite not shown was Mickey Mouse. If you do what you love, it isn't work. Although I prefer sleep to foisting cakes at 3am.

Lissie said...

Yes. Foisting can be tough. Frosting, though, that's another story.

I heart auto-correct.

Theresa said...

Wow...beyond impressed! I stick to cookies! Cakes kill me!

Jen said...

I loved this post, the pictures (and cakes) are awesome!