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Lately, I just can't seem to get my act together. The day-to-day craziness that is my life has taken over. I start each week with the intention of being better prepared (remember my resolutions?), and by Monday night, it's just not working. One of the areas that has completely fallen apart is dinner.

I actually really enjoy cooking. Last year, I was great at planning the week's meals, making a grocery list, and having PJ do the shopping on Sunday nights. This meant we would have nice, home-cooked meals most nights with a night or two for take-out or dining out thrown in to spice things up. This year is a different story entirely.

Monday rolls around and I realize that I have just what I need to pack lunches. During the day, the back of my mind is working on what I could make that would be quick and easy. I try to figure out the logistics of going straight from work to the grocery store and still make it to the babysitter's in a reasonable amount of time. By the time the end of the day rolls around, I toss that idea out altogether. Once I get home, I've come to the realization that it's going to be another take-out night.

Take-out is normally a fun, easy alternative to dinner. When it becomes a staple, you've got problems. We are lucky to live in an area with a multitude of take-out choices. Unfortunately, I'm fairly certain we've exhausted them all. 

me: What do you want for dinner?
him: Not pizza. We had pizza last night.
me: Chinese? 
him: No. I had Chinese for lunch.
the kids (shouting from the other room): Chicken and fries!
the kids (still shouting): No, Five Guys!
the kids (fighting amongst themselves): I don't like burgers!
me (ignoring the ruckus): Thai?
him: Well, if you get Thai, I'm getting Indian.
the kids (screaming): We want white rice!

Keep in mind, this conversation lasts for about an hour. By the time we actually come to a decision, we're creeping into that time that should be reserved for baths and stories before bed. For most people, take-out would be a quick and easy solution for dinner. Instead it has become the bane of my existence. My goal for the week is to make a few home-cooked meals. At this point, it's just easier. 

Or, I could just break out last night's Chinese, Sunday's pizza and Saturday's chicken pad thai for a multicultural smorgasbord. Bare minimum, I should probably serve dinner in disposable containers so I don't confuse everyone too much.

Please, give me a roast chicken or some stew...

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Anonymous said...

There's always bologna and cheese sandwiches!

doseofreality said...

This is just SO TRUE. Love it. Seriously, I just had this argument with children the other day because we are all in the rut of take-out, but I am still not cooking. Spending way too much at the grocery store, with no food to show for it. Fantastic post!

Tara said...

Ha! My kids can never agree. We tried each taking a turn. That was epic fail because I would forget which persons turn it was so it has become a dictatorship and my husband and I choose which cuts the decision time down to 30 mins

Lissie said...

Haha, Tara. My husband and I have a hard enough time choosing without letting the kids in on it!