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Tuesday's Tip (#1)

Here's a tip for you:

Keep a toothbrush in your car.

There's nothing quite like rushing around like a fool getting everyone ready then realizing that your teeth are slimy when you're commuting into work. Not that I ever realized on my way into work that I hadn't brushed my teeth. That would be gross. And it would involve me borrowing a piece of gum from a student. Even though I yell at kids all day for having gum. Basically, a lesson in hypocrisy. 

Have a tip to share? Or maybe a shameful confession about not brushing your teeth? Feel free to leave a comment below...

... & be sure to check back every Tuesday for a new tip!


Laura Lydon said...

I for one am very thankful that you will be imparting your infinite knowledge for all to share!! I had my first experience with the unbrushed teeth this week. I was on my second hour of unsuccessfully calming my screaming newborn while the dog did his pee-pee dance in the living room. I decided to take him out, but couldn't leave the baby alone, so I took her with me. Of course the neighbors were outside and came running over to meet her. I had not showered in at least two days, and was wearing pajamas just as old! I don't remember if I had brushed my teeth, but I'm guessing I hadn't!

Lissie said...

Not to worry, Laura. This is only your first in many moments of motherhood that will make you want to cringe. It's a sad rite of passage. ;)