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Waffles = Rock Star

Today I made homemade waffles for breakfast. You would've thought it was Christmas. Sophie came out to the kitchen and said, "Guys! She's really making them the whole way! Like, with the grill!"

When I posted about it on Facebook, someone told me I'm the "mom of all moms." I wouldn't agree with that sentiment, but I have learned a few things over the years. 

1.) Set the bar low. I'm not a breakfast person. I'm also usually rushing around like an idiot in the morning. These two things combine to make limited breakfast choices. At my house we eat a bowl of cereal, a cold pop-tart, some yogurt, or a frozen waffle when we're feeling really fancy.

2.) Act like everything is intentional. There is a price to pay for not buying groceries. This morning I woke up without any of the kids' breakfast staples. As I figured they wouldn't eat yesterday's stale munchkins that are still on the table, I had to get creative. My only option was to make waffle batter. Or serve them a hot dog. Even though it was out of necessity, I let them think I did it because they are just so lucky to have such an awesome mom.

So, I busted out the waffle iron and mixed up some batter. I even sprinkled a little powdered sugar on top of the waffles. The kids thought they died and went to heaven. What they don't realize is that I'm just too damn lazy to make a hot breakfast - unless it involves pushing down the toaster button for the Eggos - 99% of the time. Believe me, if I had actually had anything in the house to give them, I wouldn't have made the waffles. I'm just bad at breakfast. Because this is our norm, though, my little stint at the waffle iron has turned me into an instant hero. Hopefully they'll still remember it tomorrow when I offer them some hot dogs Raisin Bran.
Hot and fresh!

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MaryAnne said...

Love your lessons learned :)

Lissie said...

There's one more I failed to mention: Play dumb . "What? How would I know who ate the last of the chocolate in your Easter basket?"

Super Earthling said...

I love it! But now you have me craving waffles...

-- Susan