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I've been thinking lately about perspective. I like to think that - most days - I do a pretty good job maintaining it.

Life can be a challenge sometimes. The thing is, no matter how challenging, there is almost always someone who has it tougher than you. So remember that. I know people who have gone through or are going through very trying circumstances. Oddly enough, they complain less than most other people I know.

It seems like people are always complaining lately. I'm not talking about a little venting. We all need to do that. I'm talking about blatant, constant complaining. Just get a grip. Suck it up. Or do something to fix your situation. 

Seriously, though, if your big complaints are things like being tired or overwhelmed by your kids, just stop. Look at me for one minute. I work. I have a boatload of kids. And just as many bills to go with those kids. So, please. Do me a favor and shut up. I could walk around all day and find things to whine about. Why would I, though? I chose this life for myself. I wanted it. Complaining about it would make me sound miserable. In reality, all of my problems could be fixed with a little extra cash. A few people I know don't have that luxury. They can't bring back lost loved ones or solve their (or their child's) health problems with money. 

So, please. Stop your whining. Get a little perspective. Understand that there are people in the world who have it so much harder than you do. Appreciate the good things in your life. Focus on the positive. Or, put a smile on your face and keep it to yourself. Nobody likes hanging with Debbie Downer.

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