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You Know It's Going To Be One Of Those Days When...

You know it's going to be one of those days when:

  • you realize your daughter left her uniform dress at school.
  • you're still packing lunch boxes when it's time to leave the house.
  • you're dressing small children by force because you don't have time to let them do it themselves.
  • you're running late to leave the house and you remember the car seat isn't in the car.
  • you remember that you forgot to get gas in said car last night (and you can't even blame it on your husband).
  • your youngest child throws up scrambled eggs all over herself and her car seat while you're doing the mad dash to get to school.
  • you get your children to school 10 minutes late and still have to drop your baby off at the babysitter before you go to work.
  • your three year old randomly starts crying because he doesn't want to go to school and you have to tear him off your legs in the classroom.
  • you eat two bags of Fun Size M&M's for breakfast.
So, instead of losing your f'ing mind, you try to focus on the positive:
  • Today is your last day of work for the week.
  • The kids are off tomorrow so NOBODY has to wake up (especially since you already threatened them within an inch of their lives).
  • Your best buddy at work knew you were having a tough morning and brought you both your morning coffee AND pizza for lunch!
There it is.  Just another one of those days. It is what it is...

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Anonymous said...

Can't say enough about this website – its alot better than mine.

Lissie said...

Thanks! 😊