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Eight Days a Week

I just have to say that I am loving my new job. It's a little crazy and a lot hectic, but I am really happy with my new school.

It's amazing, though, how adding 1 day a week has made me feel. I am so tired every afternoon. I feel like a zombie and I sleep like the dead (I'm even too exhausted for my insomnia). Adding one more day a week feels like 2 or 3.

Last year, when my day would end on a Wednesday, I would think to myself, "Great. One more day. My weekend is practically already here." Now, I'm one of those poor saps just trying to get by on coffee and Hump Day jokes because there are still TWO more days until the weekend. 

Not only that, but Fridays are wasted on me. I'm too tired to do anything fun. By Saturday, I start to perk up and then I wake up and Sunday has reared its ugly head. I hate Sundays. I always have. You start to think about the fact that the next day is Monday and you're about to start another full week. And there are so many things to do (laundry, cleaning, blah, blah, blah...) Even as a kid I hated Sundays. I'd be stressing about some homework that I hadn't quite finished and that damn 60 Minutes clock would start ticking down the minutes until bedtime (I loathe that clock).

I know I'll fall into a groove as things start to settle in. September is always a crazy month. Lately, though, these weeks just seem to run one right into the next. Here's to living it up this weekend and celebrating the end of another week that felt like it lasted at least 8 days.

Sunday night ticking of doom

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