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Whatever...It's Friday.

This morning, I ran into Dunkin' Donuts for my daily fix. I picked the shortest line. Then I watched everyone in the line to my right just keep passing me with their completed orders. The guy behind me started to have a minor stroke because we had been waiting in line behind the same person for 11 minutes (an eternity when the line doesn't move). It turns out the man in front of me, after ordering his morning coffee, decided to buy $300 worth of gift cards, IN TEN DOLLAR INCREMENTS. I'm not sure if you've ever bought a gift card, but each one has to be scanned and then has the amount added to it - individually. Finally, the other cashier took pity on me and let me place my order with her. It was either because I was smiling at her or because the guy behind me was turning all red with steam coming out of his ears, cartoon-style.

I wasn't mad, though. It's Friday. You're not going to spoil the fact that my week is almost over.

I even contained myself when I got behind Mr. ArmorAll. I was driving along, just trying to get to work, when I stopped at a red light. The light turned green and I couldn't figure out why the guy in front of me wouldn't drive. Then, I could see him through his back window. He was very busy giving his car a good, detailed cleaning. He finally decided to drive, but he couldn't travel at more than 20 mph because it takes a lot of concentration to wipe down all of the leather inside your car. Normally, I would've had fantasies about rear-ending the stupid fool, but today, I didn't even beep. 

It's Friday, baby, and I'm ready for the weekend!

You're not supposed to text & drive, but no one ever said anything about detailing your car while you drive. Totally acceptable.

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