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Crazy Town

I grew up as the youngest of two children. My sister is 6 1/2 years older than I am (don't listen to her when she tries to pretend she's the younger sister). My house was pretty quiet as a kid. We were just far enough apart that we entertained ourselves. This is why my mom's most frequent statement in my house is: "This house is crazy."

To some degree, I understand. The day-to-day routine with 5 kids and an obnoxious (& ginormous) puppy is much more hectic than a house with a 6 and 12 year old could ever be. 

What my mom doesn't realize is that, sometimes, it is legitimately crazy around here. My children are insane. They're great at entertaining themselves, but that just means that they've invented some bizarre new game. 

Here are a few recent highlights of these whack jobs in action:

Charlotte told me she's "pretending to be Baba." Baba is PJ's 90 year old nana who likes to wear leopard print clothes. A lot. Apparently, Baba's fashions haven't escaped Charlotte's attention.

Thanks to Rondo, the dog. I can only assume this is the aftermath of a puppy keg party. He really needs to learn to hide the evidence.

I'm assuming this look stems from a night of drinking, too. Or, Charlotte is trying that new topless ninja look that is all the rage. (Side note: why do my children have such an aversion to clothes?)

And then there are the photo edits they do to themselves (or each other):

Nice look, Lulu!

Lucy's interpretation of Sophie.
We've discussed my issue with dolls. They scare the crap out of me. 

This is one of Charlotte's favorite toys. It's also the creepiest. (Sorry, Grammy!) But there she sits - with her crazy crossed eyes - just mocking me with a big, old thumbs up.

At least Creepy Baby and I share taste in beer. (Is she making funny eyebrows at me?? {waggle, waggle})

If they're not acting crazy, they're sleeping crazy. Sean's either a yoga master or suffering from narcolepsy. Here he is sleeping face down on the carpet while 20 people yell and scream at the Patriots on TV. Impressive.

Charlotte invites herself, creepy baby, and the (not tiny) dog to join me in bed. She didn't want me to be lonely. How thoughtful!
Group coma, everyone!
One thing is for sure: being crazy certainly wears them out. So... at least I have that going for me in this insane asylum that I call home.

In case you're wondering what antics they get up to when left to they're own devices, here is a clip of what happens when Patrick & Sophie "entertain" themselves:

Big Box O' Crazy

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