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Tuesday's Tip (#36)

Here's a tip for you:

Change your name to Mary. Or Joe.

My name is Lissie. It's not hard to say. It rhymes with Missy. For some reason though, whenever I go to Starbucks, they really struggle with it. It's not like I'm asking for an Americano for Regina Phalange. I don't think my name is too unusual, but I can understand the confusion with "Lizzie."

(Not my name, but understandable and acceptable.)

I can also understand spelling it with a "y."

(Okay...not quite what I was thinking.)

Lately, though, they're not even close. I don't think I mumble. And I'm fairly certain that I e-nun-ci-ate.

Last week I had "Liney" and "Lieu." The same woman waits on me every day. She's very nice and wonderfully efficient. But, every day I say "Lissie." Then, repeats it back to me. I say the "S" and she repeats the "S." Does she just struggle with writing the "S"?

(Leei? How do I even pronounce that?)

(Lize rhymes with lies? I kind of like that. Say it slowly. It sounds fancy. "There goes Lize with her Venti Americano...")

So, I'm just going to change my name. Tomorrow, I'll have a Venti Americano for Bob. They can't possibly go wrong with that.

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