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Snow Conflict

We've got a major conflict in our house when it comes to the snow. You see, I'm a teacher (& my kids are kids), so we always love an unexpected day off due to snow cancellations. What's better than a little vacation day midweek? The problem is PJ's job. As soon as it snows more than an inch, he gets called into work. 

Two weeks in a row, my school district has cancelled school for Wednesday before the snow had even begun. Both times, Tuesday afternoon or early evening, I already knew I had a midweek day off. For me, that felt celebration-worthy. Unfortunately, PJ already knew he'd be heading into work at 1 am to help manage the snow removal. On a normal day, he already has issues getting up to an alarm. Obviously, waking up at 1 am is going to be a real challenge for him. So, I set my alarm to help him out, and get stuck listening to the God-forsaken evil laugh that comes out of his Wake N Shake app. I've already talked about what that experience is like.  

After he leaves for work, I end up lying awake in the middle of the night (trying to shake off the scare that comes with his crazy alarm). Luckily, I have the luxury of sleeping in on a snow day, but it is a bummer that he can't enjoy the day off, too. We definitely spend the winter watching the weather for very different reasons. 

Don't tell PJ, but I hear there's another storm brewing for this Wednesday... {doing a snow dance}

That snow man was taller than I am!

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