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Dumb Ways To Parent...

Have you seen the "Dumb Ways to Die" app? If not, you should. It's pretty funny. At the very least, click the link and go listen to the song. Go ahead. I'll wait right here. (It makes this post so much funnier if you actually know what I'm talking about.)

Apparently, this song - and the app that eventually stemmed from it - was meant to be a public service announcement to teach people in Australia to be safe around trains. It lists numerous "dumb" ways to die and you basically get the understanding that it's also dumb to not be safe around trains.

My good friend, Dawnie (her pet name at my house), decided it was totally appropriate to show Patrick the app (because it is so fun to play). He loved it and got approval to download it. AND... since we all share an iTunes account, all of the other knuckleheads play it, too. There's really nothing like hearing Charlotte (in all her three year-old splendor) sing about setting fire to your hair and poking sticks at grizzly bears with a faint Australian accent.

Little did I know, however, that the game and its catchy little tune might actually become educational. Sophie is getting to that age where she is one of the big kids in the house and can start to do a lot more for herself & others. This includes making toast with butter for herself and the little kids. She loves to do it (because the novelty of helping out the little kids hasn't worn off, yet). 

Yesterday, she was sitting on the counter waiting for the toast. When it popped, she realized that the bread was a little small and she couldn't quite get it out. So she announced that she was going to grab a fork. That's when Sean stepped in to save the day:

{singing} "Get your toast out with a fork... Do your own electrical work... Dumb ways to die, so many dumb ways to die...

Sophie, don't you know you can get electrocuted doing that??"

Please appreciate the fact that he was laughing at her. And he just turned 5. I should thank the people of Melbourne for helping my kids out with that important life lesson. I should probably go over some basic kitchen rules, while I'm at it. 


So, if you're too lazy to teach your kids basic safety, teach them the song. At least they'll go through life knowing it's not okay to "teach yourself how to fly" or "eat a two week-old unrefrigerated pie."

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IT Guy said...

Great story!

Reminds of the time I was parenting you (actually reading a book and teaching you at 2 to be independent.. okay, ignoring you) when you entered the kitchen, your hair sticking straight up and out (picture Einstein) and said, "Daddy, I tried to start the car and it tingled"!

I found my car keys sticking out of the outlet in your room. Yikes! Do your own electrical work... Dumb ways to die, so many dumb ways to die... Wish we had apps back then.

Lissie M said...

I just spit out my coffee when I read your comment. How could I not have remembered that and made the connection?? Probably all the brain cells I killed electrocuting my self...