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At Odd Hours

That's when I get things done. Cakes in particular. If I attempt to work on cakes while the kids are awake, I end up with "helpers." I make buttercream frosting from scratch. No matter how many times I've told them it's all the same flavor, the kids still insist that they must try each and every color of frosting. This is why I do my best work VERY late at night or VERY early in the morning (sometimes both).

This weekend, we finally had Lucy's birthday party. It's almost 3 months late (I can't always get it together)! She did a google search for "funky girl birthday cake" images and found this from cakecentral.com:

This is was my interpretation (to the best of my abilities):
She loved it, but did make sure to tell me that I didn't put green stripes around the bottom of the layers.  Diva.  I'm just relieved that I talked her out of the Hannah Montana cake she had wanted for a while!

I also have to give Jackie from Metrowest Face Painting a TON of credit.  She did a wonderful job painting faces at the party! Here are just a few examples of her amazing work:

In all, the party was a hit.  Maybe she won't remember that we did her 6th birthday almost 3 months late - yikes!

On top of it all, I got to make another cake for this weekend, too!  Very early in the morning (to prevent any interference), I worked on a friend's daughter's cake for her first birthday.  Danielle, I hope those cupcake colors were to your specifications! ;)

All in all, it was a cake (& fun) filled weekend!  Now, if only I could inspire myself to get the laundry done at odd hours.  Then I wouldn't have a pile that rivals the height of Mount Washington.

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