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Spelling Bee

This is a prime example of what can transpire in my house in the course of a day.  I watch my kids, I really do.  It is impressive, though, what they can get into in the course of a few minutes.  

Sophie has had a marker obsession from a very young age.  If any of my children were going to decorate themselves with a Sharpie, it would be Sophie.  That is a pretty classic two-year-old behavior and she did eventually grow out of it.  Now that she is four, however, she's learned that it's much more interesting to write on other people.  

I have to give her credit... she does know all of the letters of her brother's name.  But, really - if you're going to label Sean, can you at least try to spell it correctly?

I guess I know what skill we're working on next.


NurseNoodle said...

I am impressed that Sean sat still long enough for Sophie to brand him. I am eager to teach Sophie how to spell "redrum" and encourage her to write on your walls. That would amuse me.

Lissie said...

You are such a creep. It's a wonder I'm not more damaged after growing up with you as a big sister! ;)