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Chuck E. Cheese, or, Please Help Me!

I try to avoid Chuck E. Cheese's at all costs. Patrick had a birthday party there when he turned 4, and I've hated it ever since. It's a little slice of Hell on Earth.

Almost four years ago, Patrick's 4th birthday was hosted at Chuck E. Cheese's. Simultaneously, six other birthday parties were occurring. Envision a prison cafeteria scene from a bad movie, throw in screaming kids and some cake, then top it off with a performance by a giant, dancing rat. Close your eyes and picture it... that was the experience. I think I still suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. Whenever the kids ask if we can go to Chuck E. Cheese's, I start to twitch.

So, I was pleasantly surprised last night. We had promised to do something fun as a little end to the summer. My husband suggested taking them to dinner at Chuck E. Cheese's. I tried to jump out of the car really didn't want to, but I knew the kids would love it. I have to say, going on a Monday night is a far different experience from a Saturday afternoon. It wasn't crowded, the staff couldn't have been more helpful, and it was very clean.

When we pulled into the parking lot - first convincing Patrick that we were going to be dining at the sushi place next door (he was not pleased!) - Sean sat up in his seat and said, "Oh Chuck E. Cheezits - I love it!" He's never been there (that he can remember), but he goes nuts everytime the commercial comes on. Aaahh, the power of advertising to impressionable children!

The kids had a blast. They ate pizza, played games and laughed so hard that they could barely breathe. I still don't love the idea of going there, but I do love watching the kids enjoy themselves immensely. Now that we're part of Chuck's e-club (& my husband has a coupon compulsion), I see more visits in my future. {sigh}


Lucy Ball said...

lol. Our birthday wasn't too bad last night. It was just the 4 of us. We did manage to spend $40+ on pizza, they couldn't serve beer b/c the manager wasn't there (bummer), and we left with 2 pairs of plastic vampire teeth (I was dead on) and 3 packs of smarties. Can't wait until next time. ;-) PS, stopping by from twitter.

Lissie said...

I'm glad you survived. Although, Chuck E. Cheese is really MUCH more tolerable with beer. :(

I have some coupons, but I just haven't quite brought myself to get there yet.