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Every parent finds things to brag about when it comes to their kids. I'm sure I've done it a million times. However, sometimes my kids find ways to impress me that are less than brag-worthy. Here is a short list:

  • It is impressive that my children can turn something as benign as using Play-Doh into a competitive sport.
  • It is impressive that these same children who fight over Play-Doh can, moments later, be found sitting sweetly together and coloring with crayons.
  • It is impressive that my girls, when armed with a tiny box of play make-up, can instantly turn themselves into something that would rival any lady of the night or cast member from "To Wong Foo..."
  • It is impressive that when I manage to ditch a kid or two, it is actually more work for me. The more there are, the more they entertain each other.
  • It is impressive that my kids operate on only two sound levels: Deathly Silent - wherein I need to be sure everyone is still breathing and there are no secret plots being hatched - and Krakatoa - which involves decibel levels that actually cause pain to normal human ears.
    • Related fact: It is impressive that the switch between these two sound levels is often instantaneous.
  • It is impressive that the room that took me two hours to clean can be destroyed in a matter of mere minutes by my kids.
  • It is impressive that my children can change their clothes so many times a day as to never allow for me to catch up on the laundry.
  • It is impressive that, no matter where I try to hide, they always find me.
  • It is impressive that all five kids can entertain each other with a game that involves running through the house to get away from Sophie while screaming, "Watch out for Deep Darkness!"
As you can see, my kids have some quirky traits and behaviors. It is safe to say that I won't find life boring any time soon.

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Lisa W. said...

Just found your blog thanks to Top Mommy Blogs and this is very cute! My children have some of these same talents! :)

Lissie said...

Thanks, Lisa! I just checked out your blog, too. Nice job!

Theresa said...

Hello! I am also a working mom of *soon to be* 5 kids. ALthough by the time number 5 comes my oldest will be 8! ;) Can't wait to follow with your journey.

Lissie said...

Good luck, Theresa. When are you due?