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St. Patrick's Day

I did it last year, so I figured I'd do it again. Here's a little round up of some of our St. Patrick's Day pictures. We made our annual trip back to the Olde Irish Alehouse for live music and corned beef. The kids were great and I think I actually heard all of my favorites from the band (a couple more than once - but that happens when you're there for more than 4 hours)!

PJ & I  were officially dating on St. Patrick's Day 19 years ago. I was 15 then. Where has the time gone??

Some of our crowd
All those Irish eyes...
The tradition of someone sleeping
(even though our table is right in front of the band).

The Patricks

The glow sticks were a big hit...

Sophie being Sophie
My littles

Daddy & the big kids
Sleepy lass

Dancing after her nap

One of the beer orders was delivered green.
One of my favorite parts of the day! 

Sean impressed us all with some fancy footwork.
It might be time to sign him up for Irish step.

Whiskey in the Jar, Black Velvet Band, Fields of Athenry... I think I heard all of my favorites. We even heard PJ's favorite, Galway Girl, before we left.

There's a little round up of our annual St. Patrick's Day fun. I'm just hoping the kids will still want us hanging with them when they're old enough to go out and celebrate on their own!

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Ida said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! Yay for green beer and glowsticks

"As We Speak" said...

Loved the photos! Can't help but enjoy seeing your children's, always adorable and always smiling faces!


Lissie - Giggles and Screams said...

We had a blast. Glowsticks and beer always make an occasion festive! ;)

Lissie - Giggles and Screams said...

Thanks! You always have the nicest comments on all if my silly pics!