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Charlotte has this quirky little habit and I think it needs a name. It's been going on for at least a year, but it seems to have ramped up in the last few months. Charlotte is a "hide-o-maniac." She suffers from a severe case of "hide-o-mania." Seeing as she is a pretty typical toddler, I feel like this behavior must already have a proper scientific name. If you know what it is, please fill me in.

If you were to come to my house, I would warn you not to put anything small or even remotely valuable anywhere that Charlotte can reach it. If you don't heed my warning, then don't complain to me later. It will be gone. Possibly forever. Take your car key, for example. I have found PJ's car key in with the bath toys. I found it right before I dumped all of those toys into the tub. It was a close call for that little electronic key. We've already had issues with that foolish key, so this was a nice save, for sure.

Yesterday, I was getting milk out of the fridge. Charlotte sidled up next to me and started rummaging in the door of the fridge. She pulled Rondo's collar out from behind the mayonnaise and announced, "Oh. That's where I put that." Um, what?

This morning, I was searching high and low for the spray cleaner. I knew I had just used it last night. I couldn't track it down anywhere. I ended up getting a new bottle from the closet and cleaning whatever the latest mess was. Then, I went to get something from the refrigerator and found the bottle of spray cleaner right on the shelf next to the spinach. That's normal, for sure.

The case for my phone was missing for a few days and eventually found with the bath toys. Three remote controls were in the drawers of my dresser. And numerous things have gone missing and have yet to be found. Charlotte is well aware of what she is doing. Usually, I can ask for a missing item and she will go get it (from inside the baby wipes container). She's so busy hiding things, though, that she often forgets where she puts them.

So, please. If you come over to my house, do so at your own risk:

And if you have a name for this compulsive hiding thing, could you let me know? It would be helpful if I ever need to get her treatment. ;)

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