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Rocking It

How do you know when you're rocking this Monday morning?

  • When you have so much difficulty putting on your tights that you're sweaty and out of breath. A sure sign of needing more cardio and some weight loss.
  • When you almost crash your car because there is a spider on the ceiling. And then you make your 9 year old kill it. Which he doesn't do successfully. So you drive the rest of your commute waiting for that creepy little bugger to crawl onto your head.
  • When you send the 4 year old to school without a jacket. In the pouring rain.
  • When you get almost all the way to the babysitter's house before you realize that you put the 2 year old in the car with no shoes. Then you decide to go all the way back home to get them. Even better, you text the babysitter (from a red light) and she offers to lend some of her kids' old shoes that are almost the same size. What a time saver! Better still, at the next red light, the 2 year old points out that her black, patent leather Easter shoes are on the floor of the car. I knew there would be a benefit to having a messy car. Triumph!
  • When all of this happens in the 90 minutes it takes to leave your house, drop off the kids at school and go to the babysitter's.
How many more Mondays until school is out for summer?? The countdown is on, baby!

Peace out, homies.
(Photo courtesy of my 10 year old niece who is teaching Charlotte to take peace sign/duckface photos at a nice, early age.)

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"As We Speak" said...

OMG! I am exhausted just reading your post. COME ON SUMMER!!

Lissie - Giggles and Screams said...

It's almost here - hallelujah!