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A Confession

I was planning to take this one to the grave. But, seeing as my husband never reads my blog (I'm somewhat offended), I've decided to share this little tidbit with all of you. The people who do read my blog.

PJ, my darling husband of ten years, has a terrible habit of losing things. It's really a problem that could be solved by putting things in the same place (maybe even where they belong) everyday. Alas, that never happens. This results in a morning ritual that almost always involves hunting for things like car keys and wallets and the like.

Which brings us to last week. We were having a particularly harried morning where nothing was running smoothly and everyone was running late. In the process of trying to do 85 million things to get the kids out of the house, I realized PJ was on the hunt for his car key. Now, one of the things that's great about us as a couple is that I happen to be fantastic at finding things. If you've lost something, I'm your girl. This means my services get called upon frequently by PJ. Which I find extremely annoying when I'm already screaming at the kids about how late we are and why they haven't brushed their teeth yet. But, I digress...

PJ and I proceeded to turn the house upside looking for the damn key. And no, we're too foolish to have an extra, so don't even ask. I kept reminding him that he never puts things where they belong and how he always leaves things where Charlotte can reach them. Once Charlotte gets a hold of something, all bets are off. Which is why the two of us were dumping out the trash barrel in the kitchen at 7 am. After a fruitless search of the house with much cursing, I told him to go out and see if he dropped the key outside somewhere. I followed him out the door and that's when I saw the key on the railing of our porch.

Right where I had left it. Oh my goodness. It all came back to me then. Patrick had asked me to move the car so he could play basketball in the driveway the afternoon before. I went out to move the car, but it was already parked out front. I put the key on the railing so I could go play ball with Patrick and promptly forgot about it.

I had a choice: admit my mistake after all of the lecturing about where to put things - or play completely dumb.

I went with dumb. PJ was so confused as to how the key had gotten on the porch railing. I told him he should stop leaving things where Charlotte can get them because you just never know what she'll do with them. Sorry, Charlotte. You took one for the team, there.

Now, I have a feeling that I'm not the only one that has had a moment where they neglected to admit they were wrong. Come on... don't you want to share?? Leave a comment below and tell me your story. I can't be the only one!


Let's hope this isn't the week when PJ decides to start reading this foolish blog after all this time!

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Jen said...

Mike has the EXACT same problem. He is also careless about leaving lights on for hours, closing cabinets, etc and often uses the excuse that he was going right back in the room, or the cabinet, etc. So I have been yelling at him a lot about the upstairs bathroom light and he has been saying it's not only him, someone else (kids, me) must be doing it too and I was like there is NO ONE else that does it but you! Then I was home all day with just the baby and discovered that indeed it could be me since I was the only one tall enough to reach the light and it was probably on upstairs for at least 2 hours that afternoon. I will NOT admit to such a thing ever and neither should you!

Lissie said...

I knew I couldn't be the only one! Thanks for being the first brave soul to admit it. We'll do a virtual blood oath that the husbands never find out, right??

fire extinguisher said...

Pretty nice post. I just came across your blog and wanted to say that I’ve really liked reading your posts.

Martha Linskey said...

Filed this one in my "family blackmail material file" cousin Lissy.

Lissie said...

I've been threatened with much blackmail, Martha. I may have to blow my own whistle soon! ;)