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Hurricane Sandy

Well, today is a hurricane day. We're up in Boston, so we shouldn't get it quite as badly as some other areas, but we're hunkered down. I'm not going to lie - I was ecstatic when I got the call that school had been cancelled. What teacher doesn't want to be told that you'll get an unexpected Monday off (even when it means staying home with your kids)?

There's a solid chance that I'll be eating my words later, but as of right now (10:30 am), my kids are having a blast. They're coloring, playing tag, playing video games, playing house... in general, just getting along. Not only that, but they are completely entertaining each other and not bugging me. If this keeps up, I might be wishing for (non-damaging) hurricanes all the time. 

Some weird, new game that involves running through the house while attached at the head
The kids' inflatable hurricane bunker (at least until the power goes out)!
A view from inside the bunker (with costumes on)
There's nothing like playing video games in your underwear with your best buddy (while wearing yesterday's face paint)!

I'll be sure to update this in an hour or two when they're all acting like a bunch of jerks. You can laugh at me then! Just don't say "I told you so." Nobody likes that person.

Feel free to leave me a comment below and let me know how you're weathering the storm!


Taking bets - how long before this game ends in tears or injury?

And a view from the inside...

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Laminator said...

Awesome- love the balloon hats, and the fact that your kids use their imagination to have fun! Great!

Laminator said...

OMG took me at least 10 times to prove I was not a robot!! I can't even read the letters

Lissie said...

They are having fun!

I didn't even realize that stupid word verification was turned on until you wrote that. I hate that thing (because I'm a robot, too)! I turned it off!

Lissie said...
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Theresa said...

eatting halloween candy, reading books, and running aroung like it is the end of the world! ;)

Lissie said...

That's how it's done!